How Do I Convert More Visitors into Leads/Sales?

You’ve built the website.  You’ve started marketing online – SEO, social media, etc. – and have had some success.  You’ve increased your website traffic and are actively building communities where people interact with you.  But this is all meaningless if those visitors and networks don’t ultimately convert into leads or buying customers.  For your business to survive, you have to convert the people who find you, visit your website, and participate in your communities into tangible revenue.

In fact, the web is all about survival of the fittest.  Now is the time where your business either fishes…or cuts bait.

Ask any accomplished fisherman what the secret is to catching the “big one” and he’ll tell you the same thing.  You need to know where the fish are biting AND when they are most hungry to consistently grab the hook.  It’s not enough to know where the prospects are and how to get them to come to you.  Now you need to know what the best conditions are to get them to bite on your offer.

Just how do you do that?  By making sure that every part of your marketing is optimized for maximum “biting” capacity.  It’s time to take a closer look at what’s really happening so you can leverage what’s working to work smarter.  And to revamp what’s not working to make it work more efficiently.

You’ll be building an online presence that is bigger, stronger, and faster than your competition.  But to do this, you’ll need to dig deep to answer the compelling questions that will boost your leads, sales, and profits.  Questions like:

  • What pages get the most traffic?  What pages are bleeding your marketing efforts dry?  What do your visitors expect to see and how do they respond?
  • How can you make your top traffic resources powerful lead generators?
  • How can you leverage the design, media, and content elements your audience responds to the most to convert more visitors into leads and sales?
  • What are people writing or saying about you?  How can you use reviews and comments to improve your sales to visitor ratio?
  • How does your community/network influence buying behavior?  Do people buy more when referred by friends?  Do videos help sell more products?

These answers are often hidden online and in reports that only the best-in-practice, cutting-edge companies use to their advantage.  Do you know where to find them?

Don’t just wish for the answers…find them.  Convert more visitors into leads and customers by maximizing your sales. Contact us!

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