Sun, 05 Jan 2014 23:49:42 +0000 en hourly 1 Twitter Tutorial: Using Twitter to Find Customers & Build a Network Thu, 01 Mar 2012 02:51:40 +0000 admin Twitter can be a powerful tool to connect with potential and current customers. It’s often misunderstood because few people truly understand how to use it and gain a following. These are some articles, tools and resources that will make Twitter a power tool for building your business network! 

Why Businesses Should Be Using Twitter

Getting Started on Twitter

Branding Your Presence on Twitter:  Avatars and Custom Backgrounds

Building Your Followers

Tools to Build Followers

  • Step One:  Sign up for an account on JustUnfollow.  (It’s cheap — $8 a YEAR!)
  • Step Two:  Link it to your Twitter account
  • Step Three:  Click on “home” on JustUnfollow.  Click on “Unfollow” and unfollow anyone who isn’t following you.   (Do this only 1-2 times a WEEK.  Anymore than this might get your account flagged by Twitter.)
  • Step Four:  Click on “home” on JustUnfollow.  Click on “find followers”.  Follow back anyone listed there that matches your industry or target audience.
  • Step Five: Use the tool ( to “copy follower”.  It’s as easy as adding the follower.  Personally, I give a brief overview before following people to make sure that they match my audience or someone in my industry.
  • Lather/Rinse/Repeat Daily: That’s it!  See how easy it is?  I do this every day.  Takes me less than 10 minutes per account and I can gain anywhere from 100 to 500 new followers a day!

Twitter Success:  Building Your Twitter Strategy

Twitter Chats: Building Your Following and Network

List of Twitter Chat Resources

Re-Tweets:  The Key to Spreading Your Message

#Hashtags:  How Power Users Sort through Twitter Noise

Automating and Scheduling Tweets

Tools for scheduling tweets and managing Twitter

Get Insights into Twitter, Your Followers and People They Follow


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Competitive Intelligence: What You Need to Know to Be Competitive Thu, 01 Mar 2012 02:51:40 +0000 admin Want to know what your competition is doing online? Spy on them ethically to help you get a competitive advantage against them!  The following is a list of tools that can help you uncover opportunities which you can use to your advantage and gain market share. 

Competitive Intelligence Tools

  • Real Time Search – Social Mention
    What are your competitors writing about?  What are people saying about them?  What are people writing about you?
  • SEMRush
    What keywords are your competitors using to gain traffic?  Are they running PPC (pay-per-click) ad programs?  What keywords are they using in PPC?  What do their PPC ads look like?
  • Compete
    Get insight into competitor’s traffic, engagement and demographics.  Find the keywords that are driving traffic to the website OR that are popular in a specific industry.  What’s the benchmarking standard in your industry, and how do your competitors stack up?  What websites are driving traffic to your competitors, and more!
  • SpyFu
    Helps uncover the best keywords, and create a powerful PPC ad strategy that gets results.
  • Quantcast
    Find out audience demographics and improve marketing performance based on what your competitors are doing.  (It’s like spying for marketing!)
  • Open Site Explorer
    Compare your site against your competition and find out how you can improve your backlinks to increase your authority in your industry.
  • Social Media Monitoring and Analysis
    Provides analytics and insights about your competitors – where are the communities that they are active in, who are their community influencers, how are they handling customer service and more!

Competitive Intelligence 101:  The Basics


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Monetizing Blogs : Making Money With Blog Advertising Thu, 01 Mar 2012 02:51:39 +0000 admin Blogging not only can capture your writing talents (err, lack of them) but also can help you get the word out. Here are some great tools to maximize your blogging — whether on your blog, or someone else’s blog! 


BLOG TRAFFIC EXCHANGE:  I’m not a huge fan of traffic exchanges, but I am frequently asked about it.



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Blogging for Business Thu, 01 Mar 2012 02:51:39 +0000 admin  

Getting ranked in the search engines, being found online is all about content. In fact, content rules — it’s king. Creating a blog is one of the best methods you can use to get exposure, showcase your expertise and get people coming to you! 

To Blog or Not to Blog — Why Smart Companies Are Blogging

Tips for Writing Blog Articles that Get Noticed

Content Inspiration: What Topics to Write About

Tools to Help with Blog Topic Inspiration or Content Creation

Creating an Editorial Calendar

Blog Traffic:  Promoting Your Blog Online (and off!)

Being Found in the Search Engines:  SEO for Bloggers

RSS Feed:  How to Get Blog Subscribers

Feedback:  How to Get More Comments on Your Blog Content

What Do You Want Them To Do:  Creating Calls to Action

Blogger Outreach:  Connections That Drive Visitors to You

Becoming a Guest Blogger on Someone Else’s Blog

Finding Guest Bloggers for YOUR Blog

Rookie Mistakes that Can Kill Your Blog

Measuring the Success of Your Blog

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Must-Have WordPress Plugins Thu, 01 Mar 2012 02:51:38 +0000 admin is a great way to build websites. But to expand the functionality you need some killer plugins. The following list represents some of my favorite plugins. Please note that not all of the plugins are free. Some are premium plugins, but they are well worth the price! Have fun! 

WARNING:  Installing Plugins can crash your WordPress site.  Back it up BEFORE you install anything so you can get it online quickly!  Use these two tools to help you back it up!!!!




CMS CONTROL (Assign User Roles and more!)


PAGE BUILDING HELPERS (Customize Pages and Permalinks)

















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Local Search: When Your Business Needs Targeted Visitors Thu, 01 Mar 2012 02:51:38 +0000 admin Local search, such as Google Places, helps people find you easier if you own a geo-targeted business like a computer repair shop, restaurant, gift store, car repair, etc. 

Local Search Infographics and Stats

Local Search Basics

Local Search Directories

Social Media and Local Search

Who to Follow/Blogs and more on Local Search

Articles on Local Search
The article below is actually a list of a bunch of articles.  All of them are great!

Free Ebooks on Local Search


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Social Media Design Dimensions (Cheat Sheet) Thu, 01 Mar 2012 02:51:37 +0000 admin We’re frequently asked about design dimensions for companies who want to customize branding in social media.  You can download the cheat sheet here.

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Knowing Your Audience: Why Market Research Matters Thu, 01 Mar 2012 02:51:37 +0000 admin Successful (and profitable) marketing requires detailed knowledge of where your audience(s) hang out online. These tools can help you learn more about your audience, including where you can find them both online and in traditional media, what messages will resonate with them, and more! 

Zeroing in On Your Target Market

What is Market Research & Why It Matters to Your Business

The Basics of Market Research

How to Conduct Market Research

B2C: Business to Consumer Research

B2B: Business to Business Research

Market Research Tools

Other Websites for Market Research Tools

    A wealth of data including financial ratios, business statistics, and benchmarks, on a wide range of industries.
  • CorpTech Technology Company Information
    CorpTech publishes public and private business information on technology companies that make, develop and provide services related to everything from lasers to computers, and from biotech products to advanced materials.
  • Free Data from
    A cheaper version of– it’s free! Database includes economic, demographic, income and labor market information.
  • SEC Info
    “Securities Information from the SEC EDGAR® database for sophisticated business professionals. We simply publish SEC/CSA Filings, filed by companies, institutions and individuals…”
  • Small Business Indicators
    “Small Business Indicators reports bring together monthly and quarterly data from a wide variety of sources. Use the information-packed two page reports to learn more about what is driving the small business economy in the United States.” Each quarterly report covers trends affecting small business, economic indicators over the last five years and the last five quarters, and macroeconomic statistics.
  • State Profiles
    Presents statistics by state for companies considering entrance into the B-2-B market.
  • Social Science Data Services
    A variety of social science, government, and geographic data.
  • TheInfoPro (TIP)
    TheInfoPro (TIP) is an independent research network and leading supplier of market intelligence for the Information Technology (IT) industry. Created by alumni of Gartner, EMC, Giga and Bell Labs, TIP produces fundamental, objective, analyst–free research on: markets, vendors, issues, future adoption plans, and investor confidence.
  • U.S. Census Bureau
    Access the results of the 2000 Census, 2007 Economic Census and other household and economic indicators.
  • ZoomProspector
    “ZoomProspector speeds up and simplifies the process of site selection analysis so that companies can quickly identify the optimal location for their business start-up, expansion or relocation. Businesses define the community and property characteristics that are important to them.

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5 Tips on How to Drive Employee Engagement Thu, 01 Mar 2012 02:51:36 +0000 Allison Jackson

Whether you realize it or not, your management style directly impacts your employees’ engagement and productivity at work. The #1 reason employees leave jobs is due to a poor relationship with their immediate supervisor. (The Gallup Organization) So what’s a manager to do? 

It can be helpful to think about managing employees in a way similar to how you would grow a garden. Gardens are a labor of love that must be tended to and supported in order for them to grow and produce. Employees aren’t much different. Here are five tips on how you can ensure your employees are productive and engaged: 

  1. Plant the seeds. Be approachable and get to know your employees. This doesn’t mean becoming best friends with your entire staff. But you should at least know if your team members are married, single, whether they have children and/or pets, and what some of their hobbies are outside of work.

  2. Reap what you sow, and put your best foot forward. A manager’s personal interaction and attitude weighs heavily on employee engagement. If you’re having a bad day, don’t let it show. Employees look to you as a leader and will tend to emulate your attitude – good or bad.

  3. Tend to the garden – take an interest. Perhaps you have some things in common with your staff. Whether it’s playing golf, reading murder mysteries or having a particular type of music in common, you should take the time to view your employees as people with lives outside of the workplace. Most employees do not live to work; they work as a means to an end.

  4. Pull weeds – admit when you’re wrong. No one is perfect; that includes you. Let your employees know that you’re human and you make mistakes. It will help put them at ease, and they’ll feel more comfortable coming to you with problems or issues.

  5. Help fertilize your garden. Understand goals, as well as their concerns. Work-related goals and career aspirations are what tend to keep employees motivated. It’s also helpful to understand the concerns and obstacles they may have in reaching their goals. As a leader, part of your job is helping them overcome obstructions and ensuring they meet their job requirements. 

One of the best ways to manage is to think back to your favorite bosses or leaders. What management styles did they have? Which of those characteristics can you incorporate into how you manage your team?   

At the end of the day, your employees look to you for their lead. Always remember, treat those as you would want to be treated…and things around you will surely bloom.

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Allison Jackson is a communications professional and freelance writer who specializes in helping small businesses improve their bottom lines through clear, effective writing and communication in social media, marketing and public relations. Visit to learn more, follow Allison on Twitter (@allyjackson) or email her at]]> 0
Real-Time Marketing News Thu, 01 Mar 2012 02:51:36 +0000 admin


The following is an up-to-the-minute ticker directly from our Twitter feed.   Tweeting things of interest to small businesses & marketing folks. #smm #seo #marketing #b2b #smallbiz.

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