Protecting Your Business Reputation Online

Reputation Protection

Your name means everything.  And when an angry ex-customer, a disgruntled employee, or a squeaky wheel take to the Internet, you may have a blemish that tarnishes what people think about you and your business.  While no one can take off negative comments that are placed unfairly by others, including unscrupulous competitors, we can make sure that negative reviews, feedback, and comments are buried…and stay there!   We’ll make managing your reputation online easy by:

  • Stopping competitors from using questionable tactics to falsely influence visitors and gain an unfair advantage
  • Preventing negative comments and reviews from damaging your company’s reputation
  • Keeping you informed so you know what people are saying about you before they become major problems
  • Helping you create a plan to know how and when to respond to negative feedback or comments without harming your company’s reputation

Customer Review Management

One of the most powerful and under-used marketing techniques lies within your existing customer base. Reviews help influence first time buyers and can boost sales by sharing what experiences your customers have had with you, your company, and your products/services.  We’ll help you manage your review assets by connecting with your customers and adding new reviews that increase your visibility, influence buyers and generate profits!  We’ll make sure you have :

  • Reviews on Google/Yahoo/Bing Maps and Yelp so those using mobile devices can find you, not your competition.
  • Reviews on top search sites so that your buyers can find them quickly.
  • Reviews on City Search, Insider Pages, and City Guide.


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