The following is a list of articles that have been compiled which provide a great overview of marketing using Facebook.    Last updated 3/8/2012

Getting Started — How to Use Facebook

Branding Your Business on Facebook

The following articles  about profile images have some hidden gems in them, but as of 3/30/2012 the layout described in these articles will be replaced with the NEW Facebook Timeline for pages.  Read the articles above for the most current information!

Facebook Landing “Tabs” (also known as the welcome tab)

Reveal Tabs (also known as a “fan gate”) :
As of March 30th, Fangates or Reveal Tabs will no longer work that they did pre-timeline update.  However there are some golden gems in here if you want to dig for them!
Helps you get more people to “LIKE” your Facebook page and become fans!

Getting the LIKE:  Why the LIKE is so important

The Facebook Wall:  Where the money is!

Content and Facebook:  Using Status Updates to Build Your Brand

Photos and Videos:  Getting Attention from your Fans

Using Facebook “Interest Lists”

As of March 8, 2012 Facebook Lists have not yet rolled out universally for all Facebook users.  However, this will be coming…soon!

Using Polls

Getting Engaged :  How to get your fans sharing, commenting and “liking” your content

Examples of Facebook Posts that Get Engagement
Note:  B2C on Facebook is an easier than B2B.  It’s harder to find brands that specifically market to businesses only on Facebook.   While we’re breaking the examples into B2C and B2B, it’s important to note that social media, including Facebook are about relationship marketing, P2P (Person to Person).  Keep this in mind when creating content that gets your audience to engage with you!

Examples of B2C (Business to Consumer) Facebook Pages and Posts

Examples of B2B Facebook Pages and Posts

Facebook Events


Measuring Facebook Success with Facebook Insights

Advertising on Facebook

House Rules:  What your fan community needs to know

Stop Spam:
Why the Facebook Wall can become Spam Heaven and How to Avoid It

Getting Traffic to Your Website from Facebook

Ebooks (FREE) about Facebook


Must-Have Books on Facebook Marketing


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