Twitter can be a powerful tool to connect with potential and current customers. It’s often misunderstood because few people truly understand how to use it and gain a following. These are some articles, tools and resources that will make Twitter a power tool for building your business network! 

Why Businesses Should Be Using Twitter

Getting Started on Twitter

Branding Your Presence on Twitter:  Avatars and Custom Backgrounds

Building Your Followers

Tools to Build Followers

  • Step One:  Sign up for an account on JustUnfollow.  (It’s cheap — $8 a YEAR!)
  • Step Two:  Link it to your Twitter account
  • Step Three:  Click on “home” on JustUnfollow.  Click on “Unfollow” and unfollow anyone who isn’t following you.   (Do this only 1-2 times a WEEK.  Anymore than this might get your account flagged by Twitter.)
  • Step Four:  Click on “home” on JustUnfollow.  Click on “find followers”.  Follow back anyone listed there that matches your industry or target audience.
  • Step Five: Use the tool ( to “copy follower”.  It’s as easy as adding the follower.  Personally, I give a brief overview before following people to make sure that they match my audience or someone in my industry.
  • Lather/Rinse/Repeat Daily: That’s it!  See how easy it is?  I do this every day.  Takes me less than 10 minutes per account and I can gain anywhere from 100 to 500 new followers a day!

Twitter Success:  Building Your Twitter Strategy

Twitter Chats: Building Your Following and Network

List of Twitter Chat Resources

Re-Tweets:  The Key to Spreading Your Message

#Hashtags:  How Power Users Sort through Twitter Noise

Automating and Scheduling Tweets

Tools for scheduling tweets and managing Twitter

Get Insights into Twitter, Your Followers and People They Follow


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