aboutAs experts in the world of digital marketing, we’ve been helping our customers succeed since 1996. But we’re not just marketers, we’re educators too. We ensure that our clients understand the who, what, where, when, why, and how to make smarter business decisions and to better understand the customer journey.

We take the diverse world of digital marketing and combine it with our business acumen to increase leads, boost sales, and strengthen customer loyalty. We deliver customized solutions designed to get you results faster by providing expert insights and industry knowledge to shorten your learning curve. Plus we help uncover opportunities you might not know exist and solve your most critical digital marketing challenges.

Our team of digital professionals is dedicated to delivering significant, tangible results. We help you choose and then connect the right marketing dots to success. Our accomplished staff follows trends and anticipates changes in the digital space. We make the investment to stay current with ever-changing digital marketing and put our knowledge to work for you.

Whatever your priority need is now – understanding or defining the customer experience, meeting challenging financial objectives, winning more market share, increasing lead generation or simply staying top-of-mind with your target – CaptureHits has solutions to help you meet your goals.

Every campaign we develop uses our proven process to optimize results. We work closely with you to fully understand your business and then create a strategy that meets your goals. We also provide you with valuable tools and resources to further your understanding of our approach and the digital marketing world.

We look at the bigger picture of your online presence, not just SEO and organic marketing. We’re here to be your sounding board for your other marketing activities because we always have a pulse on the many moving parts of great marketing. With CaptureHits, you’re getting more than just an SEO firm, you’re getting a trusted business partner who is vested in your business success.

With access to results dashboards, other tools, and benchmarks, you can feel comfortable seeing that our strategies and tactics boost search engine visibility, enhance reputation and comply with best practices. We want our customers to know what’s happening in their campaigns: what’s working or not, when the strategy needs to change, and why these things are important to the success of the marketing efforts.