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High-Tech Manufacturer with Declining Profits Increases Sales by Over 1500% 

A manufacturing firm experienced a big decline in profits despite having a large sales staff and running extensive marketing campaigns. The client believed the problem was relative to the difficulty the sales staff was having locating retail resellers in specific geographic territories. With a nationwide reach, resellers were a critical component to both the pre-sales and post-sales processes such as product demos, installations and warranty-covered maintenance.

After reviewing the sales processes, order fulfillment and analyzing competitors, we determined there were several issues hindering their growth:

  • No incentive program(s) to attract resellers
  • Content was promotional in nature and did not establish the client as an expert or authority in the industry
  • Website and other marketing materials did not speak to the end-user’s language
  • Website did not adequately position their product line against that of the competition

We began our approach with exhaustive research into the target audiences the client wanted to reach to fully understand their challenges and pain points and determine what value propositions would most resonate with various audiences. We examined the top five competitors to define what they were doing right, locate opportunities and untapped markets, and provide insights into the audiences’ perception of the client compared to the competition. Next, we rewrote all marketing collateral and built a new website from scratch. We then researched topics, developed a content calendar, prepared written and graphic content and then distributed the content through paid syndication, social media, and link building efforts.

We worked in tandem with the client to rebrand them as a lead referral service for its products as a reseller and subject authority for end-users. This included redefining the company’s mission and executing a new market strategy. We also worked with a marketing automation provider to develop content, build pages and lead nurturing campaigns, and provide lead scoring to better define the quality of leads. The marketing approach to resellers was to guarantee sales leads each month that would be restricted to preset geographic territories. We did this through a combination of SEO, social media and development of critical relationships with influencers who could help the client reach resellers. End-users were targeted through a mix of social media and blog content that established the client as the go-to resource within the market. Extensive work within industry non-profit and membership organizations online identified opportunities before end-users were even aware of the need.

  • Sales numbers increased by over 1500%
  • Authorized resellers increased by over 300%
  • Client became one of the leaders in the market and has maintained this position for over 3 years



Sales numbers increased by over 1500%


Client became one of the leaders in the market and has maintained this position for over 3 years


Authorized resellers increased by over 300%