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Self-Help Author Launches
Self-Published Book & Sells 30,000 Books in Under Two Hours Online

An author of a self-help book had virtually no name recognition despite having other books published with major publishers. The client had goals to be on Amazon’s best seller list and wanted to become a go-to source for business motivation and self-help.

After thoroughly reviewing the book, we discovered the book was very well written but was seriously lacking branding. What’s more, the existing website simply served as an online brochure. The website had a very small subscriber base and very low traffic. Neither the website, nor the author, could be found when searching for brand keywords.

We first secured book reviews from Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and other recognized names in the self-help/motivation industry. We refreshed the book with new branding which included a foreword written by renowned motivational speaker Tony Robbins. After preparing nurturing campaigns for purchasers of the book, we worked with over 300 different speakers, authors and renowned experts for co-market opportunities. A new website was built featuring brand new copy and branding. We preformed SEO and social media marketing, which included writing daily blog content.

  • Book sold out first printing of 30,000 books in under two hours on Amazon
  • Book became an Amazon best seller
  • Author is frequently a featured commentator on Fox News Radio
  • Subscriber base increased by nearly 18,000%
  • Customer base increased over 300%
  • Revenue increased by 400% in under a year




Subscriber base increased nearly 18,000%


Customer base increased over 300%


Revenue increased by 400% in under a year