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Non-Profit Educational Publisher Significantly Increases Website Traffic, Email Subscriber Base & Digital Downloads

A non-profit publisher of educational materials for homeschoolers and religious academies desired more downloads of lesson plans and more views of videos.

After we reviewed their website, it was clear that the website was more of an online brochure with an emphasis on activities and projects supported by the client. The navigation made it very difficult for users to locate the information they desired and links from third party sites pointed to pages, which had been replaced by others, triggering page errors. Plus, the website was not indexed properly by Google or other search engines.

We conducted user studies to understand what users needed and wanted on the website Then, we designed and built a new website from the top down. We created re-directs for pages where links existed but were triggering errors so that visitors could find content. We also added in search functionality and menu options to aid in ease of navigating the site. We researched keywords to ensure that educators looking for class material could find the site easily in search engines. We provided multiple ways that lessons plans could be utilized – through video, print and audio formats. We also edited video and audio files to comply with best practices.

We implemented a social media campaign to increase the number of shares and boost recognition. We planned and executed both link-building and link-earning campaigns while adding additional content during peak download/viewing times. To coincide with these efforts, we also prepared email campaigns.


  • Website traffic has doubled each month, consistently, even after 5 years
  • Email subscription base grew and list of 700,000+ subscribers has been kept free of spam reports
  • Email campaigns generated 48% open-rate and 78% click-through rate
  • Digital downloads increased by 11,395% in under 6 months



Email campaigns generated 48% open-rate


Email campaigns generated 78% click-through rate


Digital downloads increased by 11,395% in under 6 months