Being found in the search engines is only part of the organic marketing picture.  Once you have achieved great visibility, it’s time to look for ways to optimize for marketing effectiveness.  It’s not enough just to be found, you need people to click through to visit your site, to enter into your marketing funnel and to be nurtured into a sale. 


An area of SEO that often is overlooked, and a value method to increase website traffic, is the copy that is presented in search engine result pages. Simply ranking in search results isn’t enough – they need to drive traffic to your website. Your page or website may rank high but if the title or description listed in the search results isn’t compelling, it won’t get clicked. You must maximize your presentation in search results using click through rate optimization.

We can help enhance your click through rate by making sure that your high rankings on search engine result pages (SERPs) get you traffic, not just bragging rights. At CaptureHits, we’re always looking to improve your CTR because we know the higher your click-through rate is, the more likely it is that a user will become a lead or make a purchase.   


CRO means figuring out what people are looking for when they get to your site and then giving it to them. CRO can take on many different forms, but it’s used to improve a variety of metrics on your website that’s important to your business. Conversion rate optimization increases the number of passive visitors that turn into valuable conversions.

We use conversion analytic data and user feedback to improve the performance of your website. We can help you optimize lead generation on landing pages, increase the time users spend on your site as influence the frequency it is visited, and improve the loyalty of social media followers and repeat customers. Most importantly, our optimization strategies focus on getting you more of the right kind of customers who will love your products or services and help you grow by sharing it with others.


If the world of digital marketing seems overwhelming, you aren’t alone. We offer practical recommendations you can trust that help you meet your business goals. We provide extended services like website audits to ensure your site is doing well and identifies various issues across different pages.

Email marketing is the most cost effective channel to promote, reach, engage, acquire, attain, maintain and build relationships with customers or potential customers. CaptureHits can optimize your email marketing efforts by reviewing content and adding key phrases that increase open and click-through rates.

We’re all about helping you generate more leads and nurturing those leads. We push customers to buy your product or service by helping you give them the information they need to make an informed buying decision. Our tactics get you the kind of customers that are the right match for your business.