Can you give me an example of content marketing and how it is different than product marketing?

Absolutely! In fact here are a few:

  • Florist targeting newly engaged couples
    • Product marketing: flowers, floral arrangements, weddings, etc.
    • Content marketing: examples of creative wedding invitations, party ideas, unusual items (such as shells and driftwood) that can be used in floral arrangements, what’s new in wedding decorations, fashion week and bridal items, unique bridal bouquets, wedding photography ideas
  • Bank targeting small business owners
    • Product marketing: financing options, free checking, banking online, time-saving banking options
    • Content marketing: how to be paid on time all the time, how to screen vendors before doing business with them, how to prevent seasonal highs and lows in the business cycle, what the new tax law(s) mean for small businesses, how to balance personal and business time
  • Software company targeting engineers
    • Product marketing: product comparisons, product specifications, virtual tour of the product, warranty and support information
    • Content marketing: how to future-proof design, incredible (and new) engineering feats, new tools that help them do their jobs better/easier, how new standards impact engineering design, how to test more accurately
  • Daycare center targeting parents with very young children
    • Product marketing: hours of operation, classroom structure, philosophy, meet the staff, activities
    • Content marketing: child rearing tips and ideas, vacation ideas for young families, holiday activities for young children, arts and crafts for toddlers, DIY nursery ideas, top gift ideas for children under 5, kindergarten preparation checklist