How is social media marketing measured?

Social media marketing is measured by engagements – the number of times your social post has been shared, commented on, tweeted, retweeted, liked, mentioned, pinned, repined, etc. Engagement provides us with insights such as:

  • Is your social media content resonating with your audience? In other words, do you have a clear understanding of what your audience really wants, needs or is interested in?
  • When is your audience most hungry for your content? How can we use timing to improve the reach of your messages to grasp new audiences and increase your brand awareness?
  • How quickly does your message spread? How can we leverage that to your marketing advantage?
  • How can you help position your brand so that when your tribe is ready to buy, your brand is correctly positioned to win the business?
  • What is the best way to translate virtual interactions into real-world prospect and customer experiences?
  • How can you leverage social proof (or testimonials/reviews in social media) to influence buying decisions and encourage repeat business?