I was speaking with another agency and they indicated we just needed to adjust our meta tags. What are meta tags and will this have a big impact on how people find us online?

Meta tags (such as the meta description and keyword tags) as well as the title tag are used as the first “scoring” mechanism used by the search engines. While they are still relevant, they are no longer at the heart of SEO. Think about their merit in terms of writing your name on a test you must take – putting your name on the test ensures you get credit for that test.

SEO today consists of the following:

  • Quality of the content – longer, valuable, and unique content tends to perform better in search engines than shorter, generalized content
  • Quality of the links your site has earned coming from third party websites – the more credible the website, the more “strength” they pass on to your website
  • Keywords used within the content of your web page
  • Whether the content has been shared in social media and how often
  • How fast the website loads
  • Quality of the coding – is it mobile friendly?  Does it pass usability and compatibility testing?
  • Plus a number of other factors that are too numerous to list here