I’ve heard that I can build a social media following quickly by purchasing likes/fans/followers. Is that something you would recommend to jump-start the social media marketing efforts?

Purchasing likes/fans/followers is not advised. While this can help build your tribe quickly, the long-term impact can be disastrous. The people you “purchase” through these packages are often people from countries that you would never do business in, can be fake profiles (e.g. not real people), and they likely will be of little help in achieving your bigger social media marketing goals.   

A healthy alternative that will help you build your like/fan/follower base is through paid advertising and post boosting. Our social media marketing packages include a budget to amplify your awareness and reach audiences that voluntarily become a fan or follower because they are truly interested in your business. For example, in Facebook you can target a specific audience by gender, title, age, interests, etc., which can help you connect with the right people and build an audience that will help you, reach your social media objectives.