I’ve seen social media marketing programs that are very affordable at $200-500 per month. Is this budget realistic?

While some kind of social media marketing can be performed for this price, there are some drawbacks. First, these programs often limit you to the number of posts that will be created. Second, these programs typically do not include the development of new content that can help drive traffic into your website. And third, the focus of these programs is generally limited to just a few social media channels.

We prefer to help our clients by:

  • Understanding what social channels are the most relevant to their business objectives. Some social channels may be helpful to amplify search engine visibility, while other social channels may be best to reach their audience and so forth.
  • Providing an agile and nimble social media program that allows us to adapt the strategy based upon the who/what/where/when that the audience is engaging with the content as well as where the social trends are happening. By not boxing in our clients, we can quickly adjust our program to ensure that our clients’ marketing dollars are wisely invested.
  • Creating content beyond social media posts that can help magnify the digital footprint that extends far beyond social media channels.
  • Ensuring that how our clients want to be perceived online matches their messaging, their online reputation (reviews/testimonials) and that we can control when, where and how those messages are displayed.