Silly Real-World Statements Made by Bosses or Clients about Social Media Content

Social media has taken over the world, and it’s not going away. It’s not just for individuals anymore either.  In fact, companies selling products and services recognize the importance of being ‘social.’ But this doesn’t mean that utilizing social media is easy. Preparing content for your media platforms is no small task. For one thing, there’s a learning curve about each client’s customer base, products, and services. You also have to identify what content the audience really wants to read, watch or see, and adjust the strategy based on interaction and engagement with the target audience. What’s more, you have to determine the timing and frequency of posts, maximizing reach by serving the right content to the right audience at the right time.

As if this wasn’t enough, social media managers also have to deal with ridiculous requests from bosses and clients alike. We’ve surveyed over 100 social media managers and compiled some of the silliest requests made by clients who really don’t understand social media marketing.

We like things written in a very specific manner….

  1. “Don’t use adverbs or adjectives in our social media posts. It looks unprofessional when you write things such as: ‘10 times faster processing’ or ‘stronger security against hackers’.”
  2. It’s important we sound hip and youthful like our brand, so use words like alas, hence, thus, and whilst.”
  3. Don’t use contractions in our social media posts because people don’t speak that way.
  4. “Our audience is in the USA, yes, but please use UK English spellings such as ‘colour’ instead of ‘color’. It makes us look intelligent.”
  5. “I prefer for social media posts to be written in title case. For example: The Quick Brown Fox Jumped Over the Lazy Dog.”
  6. “Use all uppercase when writing our social media content. It helps our content stand out.”
  7. “Are you saying that we need to use punctuation when we write in social media?  I’m not sure that’s necessary, is it?”
  8. “Why are you writing social media posts in complete sentences?”

We obsess about our branding…

  1. I thought you had our fonts, so I don’t understand why Facebook isn’t displaying them.”
  2. “Our branding is very organic. Can you contact Instagram to see if they can change things from square to round?”
  3. “Why doesn’t Twitter allow you to adjust the kerning or line spacing? This just looks strange to the eye.”
  4. “Our social media presence should be based upon our brand guidelines, not how the audience responds to the content.”
  5. “I sent you PMS/Pantone colors to use in social media. Why aren’t you using them?”

We will experience a memory lapse after we create and post our own content…

  1. “Where did this copy come from? It has several typos and misspellings.”
  2. “why is this copy in all lowercase and without punctuation i didn’t write that did you”
  3. “Why is the lighting so terrible on these photos and some are blurry?”
  4. “What do you mean that I can’t use an image with a copyright mark on it? I pulled it directly from Google.”
  5. “I’m not sure how this happened, but there’s a photo on my business page of the stripper at the party I was at on Saturday. Can you please take it down?”

We believe you have magical powers…

  1. “I heard what you said about file sizes, but can’t you contact the social media channels and get them to make an exception?”
  2. “This video must go viral. You can make that happen, right?”
  3. “I’m sending along photos that aren’t great but you should be able to run them through a filter in Photoshop to fix them.”
  4. “I just sent you photos from the event this weekend. If you can edit them so I don’t look constipated that would be great.”
  5. “Twitter keeps cutting off our posts. Can’t you ask them to make an exception just for us?”
  6. “YouTube keeps flagging our content over music copyright issues. Can you tell them we bought it on iTunes?”
  7. “After I login to Facebook I see all kinds of content. I only want to see my content.  Can you ask Facebook to stop sending me to the news page after I log in?”

We hired you for your expertise, but we won’t let that stop us…

  1. “What do you mean I shouldn’t promote our products in every post? Of course people want to hear about our products and want to buy them.”
  2. “I know you said we shouldn’t use hashtags to emphasize certain words but we think we’ll get more attention if we use them.”
  3. “What do you mean when you say hashtags should have a strategy behind them? It’s simple.  Just pick out one that sounds right and use it.”
  4. “We want you to start tagging random celebrities in our social media content. That way their followers will see our stuff too.”
  5. “I know you said to keep posts shorter but I like longer posts of three to four paragraphs.”
  6. “Why are you limiting the audience to just people who live locally to our service center? Everyone needs oil changes and auto repair.”
  7. “Embedding a link to a YouTube video in a social post makes no sense. We’ve always just downloaded a video and then uploaded it as our own.  Can’t you just do the same?”
  8. “I don’t like what this person wrote in her review. I know you said I should let you respond for me, but I was angry and just gave her a piece of my mind.”

We hope you can bend ethics just for us…

1. “I see what you mean about the photos I sent having the watermark of another photographer, but I take photos just like these, but his are better.”

2. “I want to grow my followers fast so I can improve my engagement. Can’t you just purchase some or something?”

We want a presence on social media but…

  1. “We want customers to feel free to ask us questions, but does that mean we actually have to respond to them?”
  2. “Can you turn off the ability for people to like, share or tweet our posts? It doesn’t make sense that we’d intentionally want people to do that.”
  3. “We just posted a special on our lamb at $5.99 a pound. People are asking us how much it costs for two pounds. Should we reply, and if yes, what should we say?”

We hired someone to do our social media but it’s all a mystery…

  1. “We hired this guy who does our social media for $50 a month. We went from 120 followers to over a million in three days but our engagement has dropped.  Do you know why?”
  2. “The company we were working with told us that we needed to shut down all of our social media and let them set up accounts. Now we can’t access anything and they can’t be reached.  Can you help?”
  3. “Our old social media manager always worked in the background. I’m not sure why you don’t see any posts because we paid for them.”


Social media is an important facet of the contemporary business world, and it shouldn’t be done poorly. These questions and statements may seem silly, but they reveal the gap that often exists between social media managers and their bosses or clients. The people in charge of a business’s social media campaign should be informed and experienced; people who know how to best utilize a media account.

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