Social media means many things to many people. But for businesses it’s often an untapped or underutilized tool that helps increase visibility, engage with current and potential customers, and assess overall attitudes towards brands. CaptureHits provides strategic solutions that deliver the most value for your social media dollar.   


Social media channels are ever expanding and evolving, and more and more businesses are changing their marketing campaigns to incorporate or heavily rely on social media to promote their brand, products, or services. The real success of social media marketing is not simply profitability – it’s important because it allows you to engage with an online community and create a loyal following around your business. You can build partnerships with those that can influence buying behavior and help improve your brand’s visibility. Plus, social media marketing allows you to know what you’re doing well and where you have shortcomings – information you can leverage to close more sales and keep customers happy. 

At Capture Hits, we stay on top of the many fluctuations within social media – whether it’s minor changes to specific channels, the next upcoming platform trends or best practices. We have the channel expertise to stay on the cutting-edge of social media marketing to build your visibility, online community outreach, and company awareness. And, we deliver the inside scoop on your competition to help better position your brand. 


New tools and platforms are constantly emerging in social media. It can help accomplish many business objectives but you need strategy to get there. You have to choose the right channels, post the right content to the right audience, and determine how to measure and evaluate your success. The best way to navigate the sea of social media is to have a strategy.

We create social media strategies that identify the best social media channels for maximum effectiveness, define the goals of social media activity, determine what content to post and when, select the right audience sectors within each channel, and most importantly, determine analytics that align with your bigger business objectives to measure strategy success.


Once you have a social media strategy, it’s time to put it into action. It’s a daily task to manage the content to be posted, making sure it’s appropriate for the channels and posted on time. Plus, you need to interact with the community and constantly assess your efforts for effectiveness.

CaptureHits takes the daily social media management monkey off your back. We build out a social media content calendar, set up everything in a dashboard and determine the analytics to measure what’s working, what needs to be improved, and how to adjust the game plan moving forward. We take care of the day-to-day management and implementation of your social media efforts to build your brand.


Social media has fundamentally changed the face of customer relationships. Consumers use online communities to talk about their experiences with a company, product or service – good or bad. And they want to share that with a lot of other people. More than ever, businesses need social media monitoring to stay engaged with customers and react quickly to compliments or complaints to keep their brand’s reputation intact.

We provide day-to-day monitoring and moderation of your social media content. We look at engagement, attitudes towards your brand and how community members are interacting to ensure they are abiding to guidelines. And, we help with reviews that require attention and action so your brand reputation improves.


When it comes to search engine marketing and paid search, nothing matters more than your return on investment. Our proven techniques help drive traffic to your site and increase sales. We continually work on optimizing your paid search campaign performance so you get the best results.

Our process involves a campaign audit, keyword research, competitive analysis, ad copy testing, geo-targeting, and conversion tracking. Designed for your budget, we develop effective pay-per-click, display, and paid advertising campaigns that enhance your SEO efforts, capture new customers, and deliver excellent ROI.